Celebrating the release of our new album ‘Mondegreen’

It’s been a long journey since our Guilty Prize cd.  We’ve had some line-up changes,  important ones.  We’ve hit the road and made new friends.  We’ve toiled away in studios and finally the time has come for us to release our newest and loveliest creation:  ‘MONDEGREEN’

We extend thanks not only to family and friends but also to the people that helped make the CD.  Most importantly, Chris Mclaughlin @ 1867 Recording Studio, Wes Gillespie @ Roost Frequency and  Nick Zampiello & Rob Gonnella @ New Alliance East.

The album can be found in all the usual spots around the web

Worldwide: iTunes ; Amazon ; CDBaby ; Bandcamp

US: Silber Records ; Darla Records ; Jigsaw Records ;

instore @ all Newbury Comic locations.  If it’s not in-stock at your local Newbury’s, have them send one over from another store.

instore/online St. Louis & New Orleans @ Euclid Records

Australia: WOW-HD

Poland: ARS 2 





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