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Plumerai Familiar Face Identification will run locally in your browser, with no involvement from the cloud. This is how we preserve your privacy.

Your videos or images are not transmitted, not stored, and not shared with Plumerai. For full details, see our privacy policy.

This exact same AI model runs on tiny chips.

And that’s why we can deploy AI on devices where others can’t.

We are running multiple tiny AI models in your browser. There’s no involvement from the cloud, so preserving your privacy. It’s so small and so efficient that we can run the exact same AI on tiny and low-cost chips. That’s how we enable our customers to run Plumerai Familiar Face Identification on nearly any device, while providing the same highly-accurate detections that you are seeing here in your browser.


22 frames⁄s


5.7 MB

Plumerai Familiar Face Identification runs on Arm Cortex-A, x86, and microcontrollers. It can also easily be adapted to leverage AI accelerators.

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Integration into your camera is easy with our C++ and Python APIs.

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